We are Hǣlan.

Hǣlan (hEEl-ān) – Old English word meaning to heal, cure, save.

What we do.

At Hǣlan we incorporate functional movement training such as Pilates, yoga, barre & weight training. We use concentration and control in our movements to improve your overall strength, flexibility, mobility, mindset and confidence. Our method is safe for all ages, levels, and body types. Through safe practices we keep with in a functional range of motion, protecting our joints keeping our movements very low impact. We find individualized practices to best suit each and every person we work with. We will also coach you through making healthy daily choices from physical activity, meditation, food preparation, breathing techniques exercises and mobility training. We are more than building muscle mass. We are learning to use our body in proper alignment and developing to our highest potential. We are training our nervous system to be strong and as well as protect from outside effects.

Private, Duet & Group at home training

Personalized in home training….

Personal Development Coaching

Guidance in lifestyle, food choices, and …


Travel to and/with client at the home, estate, yacht.

Virtual Private and Group

Stay in the comfort of your home and train with any size group or one-on-one virtual training.

Who we are.

Hǣlan is a method and a way of life built on movement to improve how feel in body, mind and spirit. Through movement we learn how to use our body to its full potential. Our foundation is built on the idea that through using the body’s movements in all planes of motion we can heal, grow, and live our best life. We use corrective movement as a way to connect with ourselves and the world around us. Our method benefits all bodies as well as the mind. Our practice uses intentional movement in which one must use focus and concentration.

Ashley is the founder here at Hǣlan. She holds certificates in Pilates (Real Pilates TT 600hrs) Yoga (RYT 200) Certified personal trainer (NASM) Barre (IBBFA) Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness. With continuing education and workshops in SMR (self myo-fascial release) Anatomy, suspension & resistance training , mobility, nutrition and diet.

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How we move.

Our primary movements incorporate Classical Pilates methods and traditional yoga poses in our movement practices that are proven to benefit a person both physically and mentally. With these practices we also apply modern movements, exercises, and trends to truly get the most out of our plan. We focus on proper alignment, healthy range of motion, proper breathing, balance, controlled movements.

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